Luxe – On-demand valet parking service

Luxe is a new on-demand valet parking service that sends valets to park for you. The service is available in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Austin, and Philadelphia.

A simple download of the app and you are ready to have an on-demand valet ready to do the parking for you. Luxe features a veteran team of product, engineering, and operations leaders from Tesla, Google, Zynga, Yahoo! and Groupon with a fleet of prescreened and friendly valets. The company has secured dozens of insured, secure parking lots with technology to monitor every step of the process of drop-off to pick-up.

Check out the service HERE

Net On The Run – Unlimited Voice, Txt, 1GB 4G LTE Data on T-Mobile’s Network $25 per Month

With Google entering the wireless market and companies like Freedompop and Republic Wireless disrupting the market for cheap and free plans, a new entry is on the market from Net On The Run.

Net On The Run offers Unlimited Voice, Text, 1GB 4G LTE Data on T-Mobile’s Network (Valid for New Customers Only) for $25/month. The SIM card and fees are included in to the $25 per month fee. The service is using the T-Mobile network as the backbone of the service.


Unlimited Voice
Unlimited Text
1GB 4G LTE Data w/ Throttling

Check out Net On The Run HERE – Share your email without the spam is a service that converts your email address to a shareable link that you can use in your social media pages. Instead of showing your email address that will target spam, adds an additional level of protection.

Share your personal link and people looking to contact you will have to pass a simple test to reveal the email address. I am always uneasy about revealing my email address as I get a lot of spam and unsolicited emails. limits the amount of spam you get so you can read only the important emails.

Check out HERE

REGULAR COFFEE – Online coffee subscription service

Regular Coffee is a subscription based coffee service. You can order a tube of delicious, fresh-roasted whole-bean coffee 1.5lbs every month delivered to your door. You can customize your subscription to add more tubes and frequency. The tubes are $30 and you can order in either Regular or Decaf.

Regular Coffee is currently a blend of typica (59%), caturra (35%), and Colombia (6%) varietals from the Lengupá Province in Colombia. The company keeps and simple and offers up the best coffee delivered to your door.

Check out Regular Coffee HERE

Getaround – Rent cars from people nearby

Getaround is the new concept in car rental as you rent from people nearby. You signup for the service and verify your credit card and license. Then you have a choice of over 1000 vehicles from people from your neighborhood. The service offers hourly and daily rental rates.

All Getaround rentals include insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance. There is no membership fees and no annual fees. The service also allows people to put up their vehicle for rent. The service mentions that active members can make $10,000 per year per car. $1,000,000 primary insurance included.

The service is available in select cities with San Francisco having the best selection with exotic sports cars. You could possibly rent an Tesla Model S for $45/hour and a Audi R8 for $100/hour.

Check out the official Getaround site HERE

Check out the exotic cars available for rent HERE

Fitsnack – Health Delivered

Fitsnack is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy snacks delivered to your door. The plans start at $24 with shipping included per month or $240 for 1 year.

The box is not filled with carrots or celery but rather things such as veggie chips, nuts, pancake mix, healthy chips, energy gummies, cookies, brownies, shake mix and more. The box also includes hidden workout challenges as healthy snacks are just one part of becoming a fitter you.

Fitsnack is for everyone from a mom to a teenager or a college student looking for a midnight snack while cramming for finals. Join the club now HERE

Promotehour – List of the best promote your startup

Promotehour list start-up related sites that you can pitch to when launching a new venture. The service will submit your start-up to 40 communities for $49.

Promotehour has a list of 100+ communities to pitch your new products to. The company takes that list and pitches to relevant communities that can gain early traction and feedback.

Check out Promotehour HERE

Driftaway Coffee – Subscription based coffee delivery

Those that love coffee might be interested in this new service that curates coffee based on your taste. Discover four different coffees with unique taste profiles. Brew the coffee in the kit and let them know which ones you like. Based on your taste, Driftaway Coffee will send out freshly roasted coffee.

The service offers two price points:

7 oz of coffee, delivered every two weeks
$4 for first delivery, then $12 // Free Shipping

11 oz of coffee, delivered every two weeks
$4 for first delivery, then $16 // Free Shipping

You can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime. The roasting happens every week on Friday and ship on Saturday. The company ships USPS First Class from Brooklyn, NY and takes 1 to 3 days. To brew the best coffee, the service sends whole-bean coffee so you can grind your own coffee right before brewing. Check out the service HERE

Failswitch – Never worry about downtime again

Failswitch is a service that checks your site is online and when it goes offline, redirects to a backup site. Failswitch will make daily backups of your entire site and reroute your site when needed.

Failswitch monitors your web site 24/7, 365 days per year, from multiple locations around the globe. The site partners with professional DNS service, DNS Made Easy.

The service charges $15 per month or 150 a year billed yearly. Check out Failswitch HERE