Oweyaa – Online Marketplace to exchange a service for a service

The idea of Oweyaa is to do a favor for someone and then earn your own favor to be completed by someone else. You can earn 1 favor by just signing up to Oweyaa.com. You can next earn favors by competing for a favor someone else needs. An example of a favor is to create a logo, advice, web design help, trip advise and everything in between.

Once you complete a favor for someone else, you will be credited with a favor and review & rated by the buyer. You can now use the favor to bid for services you need from other providers on Oweyaa. Check out Oweyaa HERE

Basis Points – News in payment industry

Basis Points is a curated list of articles on the payment industry. If you want to know the latest news in the payment industry then Basis Points is the right site to go to. Basis Point allows you to upvote articles, share articles, and discuss articles on the site.

Basis Points also has a daily newsletter of the best of the Basis Points delivered to your email inbox. Check out Basis Points HERE

Mermur – Anonymous text messages

Mermur is a service that allows you to send Anonymous text messages without a reply. We have seen similar services, but this one does not have a conversation with the person.

While the service is anonymous, Mermur has some do’s and dont’s that you must follow. Check out Mermur HERE

Snazzy Maps – Themes for Google Maps

Snazzy Maps is a repository of different themes for Google Maps aimed at web designers and developers. All the themes on the site are free to use under the creative commons license.

As of version 3, Google Maps API now allows custom styles that can be applied to maps. This allows developers and designers pick and choose the theme that matches their site.

Snazzy Maps is the best free resource for different color schemes that can be used for Google Maps. Check out Snazzy Maps HERE

Trulioo – Global ID verification provider

Trulioo is a global identity verification provider that enables businesses to perform frictionless, on-demand instant ID verification.

Trulioo verifies 3 billion people in over 30 countries. It validates over 2 billion social profiles. Trulioo is the leader in social verification providing ID information to businesses looking to verify their users at login. The service enables business globally to authenticate their user online and mitigate the risk and fraud associated with online commerce.

Check out Trulioo HERE

Underwear Nation – Men’s underwear of the month club

Underwear Nation is a startup that offers a subscription based underwear service. Join the club and get the best underwear from designers around the globe ship to you every month.

The service helps you discover new brands from top men’s underwear brands. You can choose your cut, size, and start receiving the hottest underwear around. Some of brands of underwear include Rufskin, Timoteo, N2N Bodywear, 2Eros, Teamm8, Cocksox, Cellblock 13, Jor, Gregg Homme, Pump and more. Underwear Nation offers free shipping to members in the U.S. and addition exclusive discounts and sales.

Check out Underwear Nation HERE

Borro – Personal Asset Loans

Borro is like a pawn shop for rich people. The service provides quick personal-asset loans of loans or more than $1 million secured against personal assets such as fine art, classic cars and jewelry. The company is given the item and stores it until the loan is paid off.

You can apply online or by phone and get a valuation on your luxury item for loan. The company sends a loan offer and you accept it. They will transfer funds to your bank account. You pay back the loan and interest and get back the asset. Borro accepts assets such as luxury watches, jewelry, gold, luxury cars, fine art, fine wine and luxury handbags.

Check out Borro HERE

Conferize – The best professional events in the world in one place

Conferize helps you follow conferences and professional events around the world. The ability to find events around you will help you grow your network of contacts.

The service also allows you to follow the greatest speakers in the world, watch their performances and flip through their presentations.

Conferize is great to attend conferences, find events to speak at, and follow conferences. Check out Conferize HERE

MonitorBook – Easily track anything on the web

Monitorbook is a simple way to track things on the web and get alerts when something changes on the site. The service can be useful to track pricing, track specific headlines with keywords, track reviews, track competitors, and more.

MonitorBook is a useful tool to track things you care about. The possibilities of what you can track is up to you. The service offers a free version and a premium version that includes API, Authentication support, and Push Notifications.

Check out Monitorbook HERE