Bridj – WiFi enabled shuttles provides better transit for everyone

Bridj is a new Carpooling startup where you share a lift. The service uses WiFi enabled shuttles to get you to your job comfortable. Bridj is an express mass transit system. That means you will see less stops and no transfer which will save you time compared to public transportation.

You reserve a seat and enjoy a premium seat with complimentary WIFI. Bridj crunch data points to create smart routes based on where people live and work. During limited beta the fare starts at $1 and eventually will cost a little more than a subway ride, but less than a taxi.

Check out Bridj HERE

Rover – Dog sitter for hire service

Rover connects you to a nationwide network of dog lovers for hire. Search Rover for a trusted dog sitter, book the appointment for their house or yours. And relax as you know you will receive text and photo updates, 24/7 veterinary access, and premium pet insurance. Rover will be great to get a dog sitter when you go out or if you go on vacation and need a sitter for a couple of days.

Check out Rover HERE

Love for the Elderly – Send letters to elderly folks without family

The idea of Love for the Elderly is to send kind messages to elderly people that may not have family members to care for them. A simple letter can send a powerful message that someone is thinking of them in a kind way.

Love For the Elderly donates cards and letters to various organizations, where they are then distributed to seniors. Writing anonymous letter of kindness can make a person day that someone is thinking them. Those interested in the project can send a letter or online message HERE

DoorDash – Your favorite local restaurants delivered to you

DoorDash enables delivery of food to your door that is usually not available. You can order from the menu of a select group of top restaurants and have the food delivered to you. The company is currently offering it’s service in the Bay Area, San Jose and Los Angeles.

DoorDash offers first delivery for free and no minimum order size. The food comes hot and fresh and within 45 minutes.

DoorDash was founded in January 2013 by a group of Stanford students with experiences from Facebook, Square and eBay.

Check out DoorDash HERE

Fast Customer – Have customer service agents contact you instead of waiting on hold

Sometimes you need to contact your phone company, cable company, bank and hate having to wait on hold for a customer service agent to connect with. Fast Customer makes it easier by having the companies contact you to resolve issues with your bills and account. Fast Customer calls the company for your and waits on hold until they reach a CS agent, then calls you with agent ready to talk to you.

The Fast Customer app allows you text a request for a company to call you for an issue you have. Fast Company has a directory of companies that include AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Bank of America, Apple, DirecTV, United Airlines and more.

Check out Fast Customer HERE

Uber Corner Store – Local e-commerce delivery by Uber in Washington DC

Uber Corner Store gives you the ability to order allergy medicine, diapers, toothpaste and over 100 other items through the Uber app. The experiment is to see if delivery of store items is something people want. After coming home from the office, you don’t want to go out again to buy an item at the local store. Uber Corner Store will delivery the store items directly to your home for your convenience.

Uber is offering a new service for a limited time for residents of Washington D.C. Starting August 19th, Corner Store will be available Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm EDT, to a select number of Uber DC riders within a limited area.

Check out Uber Corner Store HERE

Buddytruk – On-demand moving and hauling right from your phone

Buddytruk is a service that allows you to connect with a local driver to help move an item. The driver has a truck and wants to make some extra money. Buddytruk connects the local driver with someone that needs something moved. The driver delivers the item to the new destination and gets paid through the app. The driver is gets rated by a 5 star rating to show the reliability of each driver. All Buddytruk drivers go through an extensive DMV and background check.

Buddytruk saves you money compared to a big moving company that will charge you a huge amount per hour. Buddytruk covers drivers for 1 million dollars in liability insurance. Buddytruk uses a payment algorithm based on time and distance.

Check out Buddytruk HERE

Scent Trunk – Subscription based cologne sampling

The only way to really know if you love a scent is to smell it. Scent Trunk is helping men sample the best fragrances through it’s subscription based service. Those that signup will get monthly collection of tailored miniatures.

The first thing you must do is create a profile of your taste on preferences, lifestyle and personality. Each month you will receive 3 custom samples delivered to your door. Enjoy the scent and rate the scent profile to adapt your preferences. Scent Trunk will also sell the cologne in it’s store if you want a full bottle.

Scent Trunk will change the way men shop for fragrances. The service charges $15 per month with no commitment and can cancel anytime.

Check out Scent Trunk HERE

Shift – Debit card that you can spend your digital currencies, loyalty points, and regular money

The Shift Debit Card allows you spend your digital currency using this debit card. The Shift Debit Card can be used online, at retail stores and internationally where major payments cards are accepted. The Shift Card integrates with Coinbase and Ripple accounts, and lets beta users pay goods and services using their virtual currency accounts. The service will eventually integrate with the users bank and loyalty points programs.

The Shift app will keep records of your balances and transaction details. The app also allows you to transfer funds from any of your accounts. Join the beta today at The Shift Debit Card site HERE