Shortwhale – For people that get too many unsolicited emails

Shortwhale is trying to help people that are drowning in email. Shortwhale will help those that get tons of emails such as celebrities, journalist, authors, and Venture Capitalist.

Shortwhale allows you to link to your website, blog or page. Now there is no need to publish your email that creates unwanted emails. The service adds an email signature that you are using the service.

Shortwhale has a profile with FAQ to answer common questions that may be answered without email. This greatly reduces email messages that can be answered with FAQ. Shortwhale has a 500 limit which limits long essay emails so you get straight to the point. People will follow how you want email and send better emails. Shortwhale also will organize your inbox by topic and provide stats of the people that visited your Shortwhale page.

Check out Shortwhale HERE

UberCHEF: On-Demand Chefs in the Hamptons

Kitchensurfing & Uber have partnered to create UberCHEF, an on demand chef service in the Hamptons. The service will create 4 course meals for $35 per person.

If you happen to be in the Hamptons on August 9th, open the Uber app. You can request which Chef you want. If the Kitchensurfing chef is available, you will receive confirmation by phone and confirm your party size, location, and dietary restrictions. The service will be your Uber account so no cash need at the time of service.

Check out UberCHEF HERE

Gust – Connects startups with the largest collection of investors across the world

Gust is platform for startups to connect with early-stage investors. Gust already has $1.8 billion dollars invested in startup through the service. Startups can create a profile and share it with investors to get funding. Investor can work deals with the next great startup companies.

Gust also offers Angel Investing Tips & advice to get funded. Gust uses proprietary data and video library to inform startups and investors on trends and the funding process.

Check out Gust HERE

CoachUp – Private Sport lessons

CoachUp is a startup that offers private coaches in Basketball, Football, Soccer, and more. You can search CoachUp database of qualified coaches in your area. Next book a session with a private coach for 1-on-1 training, show up and train and get tips to improve your game.

CoachUp is all about getting athletes help to improve their game. CoachUp is the nation’s leading private coaching company. CoachUp will help athletes reach the next level and give them an edge needed to succeed in that sport.

Check out CoachUp HERE

Spokepoint – Agile PR Platform

PR can be expensive especially if you are a startup or someone campaigning for a crowdfunding idea. Spokepoint is trying put PR back into your own hands. You craft your story about your Kickstarter project or Startup, find relevant journalist, and reach out and measure and adjust your what your doing.

Spokepoint will use data to determine what journalist to pitch to and the likelihood they will write about your pitch. As you send out pitches you can adjust to determine the best way to get your startup or campaign in the right people’s hands to promote your product or idea.

Check out Spokepoint HERE

Stayful – Best deals on boutique hotels

Stayful offers the best deals on independent, boutique hotels that have a unique offering. You can explore on cities you maybe visiting for family vacations or on business. Once you decide where you want to stay, you can bid on the price you want to pay. Stayful will response instantly if your bid was accepted.

Stayful offers great discounts booking in the next 30 days, as it helps hotels fill empty rooms. Stayful is the best place to explore, bid, book boutique hotels for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Check out Stayful HERE

ONENAME GLOBAL (ON-G) – Social Media Dashboard for all your social media sites

ONENAME GLOBAL is a new Kickstarter project to create a digital hub for all your social media accounts in a single dashboard. This means you can link up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkeDIn to a single dashboard page. ON-G even allows you to respond, like, share and post all from your dashboard page.

ON-G also can help you earn advertising money from social media. The service offers a ON’G’s Ad-Share Marketplace to make money. You can also track ad stats & earnings.

ONENAME GLOBAL currently has 30+ social networks working for beta, but some do not allow you to post to or from a dashboard. ONENAME GLOBAL will make social media management a whole lot easier and you can earn along the way too.

Check out ONENAME GLOBAL on Kickstarter HERE

Official Page HERE

Bellhops – Hire college students for local moving help

Bellhops hires over 9,000 students to become Bellhops that help people move. The service is already in 130+ cities. Bellhops charges $40/hour per Bellhop with a 1.5 hour minimum.

Bellhops helps college students earn money towards schooling. The service makes sure you are 100% satisfied by the service and offering refunds for damage and poor service. The company is licensed and insured so you have no worry about your precious items.

Check out Bellhops HERE

‘;–have i been pwned?

Have I been Pwned? is a site that can check your username and email address to see if your account was compromised in a data breach. The site checks 29 sites that had been hacked and checks with 163,537,519 accounts that show as being compromised.

Have I been Pwned? will show you which sites your password may have been compromised and notify you of future hacked accounts.

Check out ‘;–have i been pwned? HERE