Maker’s Row – online marketplace to connect businesses with American manufacturers

Maker’s Row makes it easy for businesses and designers to connect with the best American manufacturers to make their products. Maker’s Row goes through the entire process of manufacturing from ideas to production. Once the company is ready to manufacture, Maker’s Row list the best U.S. based manufacture for the job. Maker’s Row will list each manufacture with contact information, capabilities, hours and location, field of business, and reviews.

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GrapeStory – Hire the best micro-content creators on Vine, Instagram and Snapchat

GrapeStory helps brands target the best talent of Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. Brands can hire GrapeStory pool of stars to showcase their brand in new and innovative ways.

GrapeStory has a roster of talented and creative people that can create unique ways to send a brand’s message to millions of viewers. Brands like Virgin Mobile, Aquafina, and GE have used the service to get their new products out there through campaigns on the service.

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TheFeed – Food for Athletes

TheFeed offers subscription based service with Pro boxes filled with healthy snacks, food, protein shakes and other goodies from the best brands. TheFeed will hand-pick, hand pack a box that shows up at your door each month that makes it easy to eat healthier, train harder, and see faster results. TheFeed offer free shipping on orders of $49 or month.

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MovingPermits – Space reserved for your moving vehicle when or where you need it

MovingPermits helps you get a city-issued temporary “No Parking” permit and signs, so you can reserve a parking space when moving. Now you don’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket when hauling your stuff when moving. will reserve your space with a city-issued temporary “moving permit” and signs from fills out all forms and arranges to have a temporary “No Parking” sign posted in advance of moving day as required by your local city government. You arrive on moving day and park right in front of the building.

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GermIO – Get from Idea to Execution

GermIO is a place to keep your ideas at when you have an Eureka Moment. Log all your ideas in one place with GermIO. GermIO allows you to share your ideas with your team and iron out ideas. Build your idea into something special. And finally execute that idea into actions through completion.

GermIO is currently a web app with mobile version in the works. Check out GermIO HERE

WiseWords – Mentor advice from you job field

WiseWords helps you connect with a mentor who is in the same job field as you. The mentor will give you advice and help you get the job that you want. The service allows you to schedule a call with a mentor. Next you can chat over the phone and ask questions that might help you in you career. After the call, send your adviser a gift for their help.

WiseWords already has 500+ advisers to help you in your career. The best person to give you advice is to find someone who was in shoes and achieved success.

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Jarvis – Personal Assistant through text for $100 per month

Jarvis is a an SMS Personal Assistant that can complete unlimited 15 minute tasks. Some of the tasks Jarvis can do is schedule a meeting, schedule appoints, order pizza, order lunch, book a flight, summarize an email, buy things, and make reservations.

Jarvis is a tech enabled person with two US based, college educated person assistants. The two college educated person assistants are aided by artificial intelligence and futuristic tech.

The service uses SMS texting to communicate with the personal assistant with email another option. The pricing is $100 per month and include unlimited amount of tasks that can be completed in 15 minutes.

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