Kuddle – Photo sharing social media app for kids

Kuddle is a photo sharing social media app designed for children and adolescent teens. Kuddle is aim as a first step for children to enter the world of social media in a safer digital environment. Kuddle is being called the Instagram for kids with more restrictions due the age of the posters.

Kids looks up to their older brother and sisters and want to do the same things they are doing. Older teens are on social networks and they younger sibling also want to be on those online communities. Kuddle is the solution to the problem by creating a safe and secure place for children to socialize.

Kuddle teaches children netiquette and proper online behavior. Comments on shared images is disabled to prevent bullying. Likes are anonymous to prevent popularity contests. No location information is taken to protect the child’s location. Full name are present to prevent fake accounts. Content monitors keep a watchful eye on the content of Kuddle. Parents can monitor the activity of their child. Closed profile allows only accepts friends to have access to user’s profile. In addition tagging users is disabled to prevent bullying. All these features will keep your kids safe and protected and allow them to enjoy social media at a younger age in a safer place.

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GrapeStory – Hire the best micro-content creators on Vine, Instagram and Snapchat

GrapeStory helps brands target the best talent of Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. Brands can hire GrapeStory pool of stars to showcase their brand in new and innovative ways.

GrapeStory has a roster of talented and creative people that can create unique ways to send a brand’s message to millions of viewers. Brands like Virgin Mobile, Aquafina, and GE have used the service to get their new products out there through campaigns on the service.

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Hitch-A-Ride -Social Ride Sharing

Hitch-a-Ride app allows you to find friends in your own network to hitch a ride.

The app could be used to hitch a ride with friends to a concert or travel for spring break. Another example could be you want to hitch a ride with friends or coworkers to go home on holiday rather than fly. Hitch-A-Ride allows you to organize the journey in advance, real-time GPS will allow you to see who is close to hitch-a-ride with, and use your existing social networks friends to add to your network of Hitch-A-Ride friends. The app also includes a chat to organize your friends, set the price of gas, and set pickup and destination.

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Commun.it – Easy Twitter Management

Commun.it is an free easy Twitter Management tool that helps you get an inside track on your followers. Commun.it offers free Twitter Analytics, better Manage Your Twitter Relationships, manage multiple accounts and time tweets. The site also helps you identify people you should follow and un follow and what content to Tweet about.

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Hub L.A. – Members networking space with a Global reach

Hub L.A. is apart of a network of 30 Hubs across all five contintents. Hub L.A. offers space for social entrepreneurs, investors, intrapreneurs, policy makers, artists, activists, students, scientists, technologists, and educators. The idea is when you bring talented people together amazing things occur.

The Hub L.A. offers 4,000 square feet work space for you to work, network, collaborate, learn, and play. The Hub has custom programming and events focused on personal and professional development. Hub mixes the best of a cafe, idea lab, accelerator, office, and community center in one.

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LibraryThing – Catalog your book collection and social network for book lovers

LibraryThing is a convenient way to catalog your book collection. The site also suggests the next read based on similar like books by people.

The Site is free for up to 200 books you can catalog. After that you pay $10 a year or $25 for lifetime membership.

LibraryThing is also a social network for book lovers. You can check out other people’s book libraries, swap reading suggestions, and get recommendations based on your collection.

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Sassy Six

Sassy Six is site that inspires and empowers women wordwide with sucess stories and a network of entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizers, business owners, freelancers, consultants, creators, innovators and leaders.

Unleash your #Sassy! #Sassy #Savvy #Sexy #Smart #Social #Strong

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Pope has Twitter account but not Facebook

Pope Francis will not join Facebook even though he has embraced social media. Facebook representatives tried hard to push Pope Francis to start a offical Facebook account but they did not prevail. The reason is that the Pope representatives did not like that Facebook abusive comments were harder to clean up. Abusive comments on Twitter can easily be ignored on Twitter while Facebook it’s much more difficult. In the end the people Pope Francis media pages are run by did not feel it was worth the time to maintain a Facebook page.

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