STEAMrolers – Marketplace focused on getting diverse groups hired in tech

STEAMrolers is a community for underrepresented people in tech. The idea is to get a more diverse group hired in tech no matter the race or gender.

STEAMrolers is all about discussion, networking, Q&A, feedback and great opportunities. Considering recent reports of lack of diversity in tech jobs, STEAMrolers is a great place to discuss the problem and offer solutions.

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Gadget Hunt – Daily hunt for new gadgets

Gadget Hunt is a new site that finds the latest gadgets. The site is a community driven list of new products that are found by it’s users. Anyone can register with Twitter/Facebook account to contribute to the daily list of best gadgets.

Gadget Hunt also has a newsletter that will send you the best gadgets of the day straight to your inbox. Discover new gadgets at the new source for tech at Gadget Hunt HERE

Ellusionist – best online training environment for magic tricks

Ellusionist goal is to create the best online training environment for people that want to learn magic tricks. The site has over 60,000 members worldwide, making it the largest online magic forum on the net.

The site allows you to download high quality video of various magic tricks with prices for each video. Those that love magic and want to learn how to do magic tricks should definitely check out Ellusionist HERE

#HackTheMenu – The Ultimate Collection of Secret Menus

#HackTheMenu is the number 1 site for Secret Menu items you can find at fast food restaurants. Secret Menus include unofficial and unadvertised menu selections at fast food restaurant chains. Most of the items are created by customers and pass on by word of mouth. They are items that do not exist on the regular menu but can be created by special request.

#HackTheMenu has created the best resource to find all the cool special items you can get at your favorite fast food chain. There are hundreds of items available by just asking at a restaurant. Check out #HackTheMenu HERE

College Wagon Train – Online College ride sharing network

College Wagon Train is a site that makes it easy to find a ride to commute to and from college. The idea of College Wagon Train is to find a safe place to coordinate transportation to and from colleges. The online community allows you a free exchange of information and experiences related to all aspects of college ride sharing.

The service is free to join and has many colleges listed to help students get to school safely. College Wagon Train uses banner advertising, member donations, and member verification process, to offer the service for free.

Check out College Wagon Train HERE

Zimride – Ridesharing for college students

Zimride is the simplest way for friends, classmates and coworkers to share a ride going the same way. Students that did not have a car had to find ways to get to class. This could be places such as Craigslist which has many unknowns. Zimride creates a safer place for students to get around by using Facebook profiles and reviews to improve the experience and safety.

Zimride you can discuss preferences such as music, smoking and stops to get some coffee. College student no longer have to worry that they no nothing about the person they are riding with.

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Kuddle – Photo sharing social media app for kids

Kuddle is a photo sharing social media app designed for children and adolescent teens. Kuddle is aim as a first step for children to enter the world of social media in a safer digital environment. Kuddle is being called the Instagram for kids with more restrictions due the age of the posters.

Kids looks up to their older brother and sisters and want to do the same things they are doing. Older teens are on social networks and they younger sibling also want to be on those online communities. Kuddle is the solution to the problem by creating a safe and secure place for children to socialize.

Kuddle teaches children netiquette and proper online behavior. Comments on shared images is disabled to prevent bullying. Likes are anonymous to prevent popularity contests. No location information is taken to protect the child’s location. Full name are present to prevent fake accounts. Content monitors keep a watchful eye on the content of Kuddle. Parents can monitor the activity of their child. Closed profile allows only accepts friends to have access to user’s profile. In addition tagging users is disabled to prevent bullying. All these features will keep your kids safe and protected and allow them to enjoy social media at a younger age in a safer place.

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Teamstory – Picture-based community for startups and entrepreneurs around the world

Teamstory is a unique community of startups and entrepreneurs that post the behind the scenes moments of their company. Share your startup moments as they unfold and discover other startups and entrepreneurs along the way.

Teamstory along you to create photos of your team and use custom filters based on cities around the world that include Silicon Valley, New York, Toronto, London and more. The app also has great deals for startup services tailored to your needs. The app has full support for iPhone 4 and 5. And Teamstory allows you to interact with other members by giving and receiving likes, comments, and constructive feedback.

Check out Teamstory HERE

Fitocracy – Helps you reach you fitness goals

Fitocracy is a fitness Social Network that helps you reach you fitness goals. Fitocracy connects you to the community knowledge of over a half million of the worlds best fitness coaches, nutrition experts, and other people in the fitness world.

Fitocracy tracks your progress through graphs of every fitness activity you have done. Each activity completed earns points, points lead to level ups. Those that earn significant achievements earn badges. Groups are small communities where you can talk freely about things that matter to you.

Fitocracy is fun and reward as you progress through your fitness goals. Test yourself in challenges or become a Fitocracy Hero and challenge others on one-on-one Duel.

Check out Fitocracy HERE

Picks – Social Network built on things you enjoy doing

Picks allows you to make great lists of movies, restaurants, books, games, and other things you enjoy. You can share your list of favorite things with your friends. Discover the best lists that others have created have follow users with the same taste in film, music, literature and more.

Picks is a great way to find, share, and discover lists of things you like doing. Check out Picks HERE