Sideplayer – Watch Youtube all the time while browsing the web

I use Youtube daily to watch music videos, watch video product reviews, and the latest news. Sideplayer has made it easy to watch Youtube while browsing the web. Today most people multi-task on their computer and now you can watch Youtube while viewing Facebook, searching on Google, or just browsing the net. The Google Chrome extension adds Youtube to every page you visit.

Check out SidePlayer HERE

Codeanywhere – Cloud based code editor

Codeanywhere is a multi-platform cloud based code editor that allows you to code and collaborate anywhere on the device you have on hand. With Codeanywhere you can keep up with projects, edit your website and everything else without a computer. You can log on to Codeanywhere from any device and get to work.

Codeanywhere can work on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and even your mobile device. The service is available from $0 to $20 per month based on the features you need.

Check out Codeanywhere HERE

DWNLD – No code app creation from existing web content

DWNLD allows you to easily create a personalized native app using your existing web content. DWNLD takes your web content from WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, RSS Feed and creates a native web app using a premade theme and customized to your liking. The company will even submit the app to the app store for you. The can integrate various media players and social media feeds into the app.

DWNLD is great for anyone that wants to help promote their brand through their own App. The service will start at $15 per month for basic plan and go up from there. Check out DWNLD HERE

Knowtify – Send smart, automated digest emails

Knowtify turns emails into an extension of your product. Knowtify has beautiful digest themes to create great looking emails that represent your product in the best way. The service allows you to easily and edit sections with a single click to make responsive emails. In addition Knowtify can segment emails to certain users. By showing only relevant content to certain users you get a better return. The service also allows you to set the time and frequency of the emails. The first 1,000 emails are free with Knowtify and then will cost as low as $19 per month.

Check out Knowtify HERE

uBlock – Efficient blocker for Chromium-based browsers

uBlock is an ad blocker for Google Chrome. The block is easy on the CPU and memory. The big power button in the popup is to permanently disable/enable uBlock for the current web site. It applies to the current website only and not is a global power button. Not only a ad block, uBlock has a list of filter already loaded and enforced.

Check out uBlock HERE

FireStop – Reinventing outdated firefighting software

FireStop is trying to reinvent firefighting software by offering the first end-to-end, cloud-based software for easy data collection, effective emergency response and advanced analytics.

FireStop is a cloud-based platform allowing you to access all data through your iPad or computer at any time. The service seamlessly shares inspection, incident and reporting data throughout your department so firefighters have it when they need it.

FireStop helps consolidate data and software, leverage critical information on the field, and utilize advanced analytics to make firefighters jobs a little easier.

Check out FireStop HERE

Am I Responsive – Visible see your website in multiple screen resolutions

Am I Responsive is a cool way to test out your website on various resolutions. You can view how your website would look on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and Smartphone. Am I Responsive is a nice tool to see how your page looks on various devices. You can even scroll down the page and click on links.


1600x992px scaled down to scale(0.3181)
1280x802px scaled down to scale(0.277)
768x1024px scaled down to scale(0.219)
320x480px scaled down to scale(0.219)

Check out Am I Responsive HERE

Perch – Future of Product Display is available now

Perch transform any retail surface into a highly engaging interactive experience. Perch takes the best of online shopping and mixes it with retail. Perch uses an interactive display technology to let the consumer hold a product with one hand and have digital information display on a table that you can touch.

Perch will provide information for every product touched and generate web-accessible analytics in realtime. Check out Perch HERE

Ginkgotree – Course content platform for techers to build a custom curriculum

Ginkgotree offers a unique way to interact and teach students. Ginkgotree offers an assembly of digital Bundles of course content that can include audio/video, documents, webpages, digital textbooks, and images.

Ginkgotree has negotiated per chapter pricing with publishers so student are only paying for content they are assigned. The teachers can pick and choose the content they want to include in the curriculum. The students in most cases will pay less as they do not have to buy textbooks.

Ginkgotree integrates with student accounts using a simple LTI connection which can be used campus-wide.

Check out Ginkgotree HERE