ClearTax.IN – Easiest way to e-File Income Tax Returns in India

Startup ClearTax is offering an easier way to e-File your income tax returns in India. While in the U.S. there is lot’s of software to e-File with, in India most people use complicated Income Tax software from the government. ClearTax is offering a simpler solution and one that is FREE.

ClearTax allows you to start a tax return or upload a PDF file which will automatically prepare your income Tax Return. The companyh is authorized by the Government of India for e-filing.

Check out ClearTax HERE

Clara By Clara Labs – Virtual employee schedules your meetings

Clara By Clara Labs is a virtual employee that schedules your meetings. Rather than having someone in house to manage your scheduling, Clara the virtual employee can do it for you. The advantages of Clara are that Clara works 24/7, never goes on vacation, and never asks for a raise.

Clara is a time saver as she handles all emails back and forth from cancellations, reschedules, follow-ups, calendar events, and outbound. Clara is always on top of your schedule so you don’t have to waste time with such things.

Check out Clara HERE

TorrenTV – Stream Torrents directly to your AppleTV

TorrenTV offers the ability to stream any Torrent to your AppleTV via AirPlay. The software allows you to download the movie through torrent and then in a few minutes watch it on your AppleTV.

The service offers drag and drop magnet links or Torrent URL links into your box. If you already have files on your hard drive you can drop it in the box and it will be sent to the AppleTV via AirPlay. TorrenTV is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux 32bits/64bits. Check out the TorrenTV HERE

OneBody by Church.IO – Open source church directory and social networking software for your church

OneBody by Church.IO is a free church directory and social networking software that any church can use. The software allows you to make a directory of church members with profiles, social interaction between it’s members, and members can connect through groups specific to the church activities.

Founder Tim Morgan is making the software for free to churches to use. You can try out a demo of the software on the site or install into the cloud HERE

Subtitles app – No more searching for subtitles

Subtitles app automatically finds and downloads subtitles for your movies and TV shows. This is a great app for those who watch a lot of foreign films and shows. The app works by dropping the video into subtitles and the program will find the correct subtitle. The download is available in Mac or Windows.

Check out Subtitles app HERE

Cangrade – Automated candidate screening service

Cangrade helps employers find the right candidates for their business. Cangrade uses Candidate Assessment Platform(CAP) to automatically analyze and show your most important information about candidates. Cangrade will show candidates personality, skills, motivations in one place. Cangrade also grades your candidates for their performance in the job. Cangrade is free to try for 14 days or a $200 business class version is available for purchase.

Try Cangrade today and hire the right candidate for the job HERE

Spreadsheet Booster – import social media data into your spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Booster allows you to import social media data directly into Google Spreadsheets. The company is also working on a version for Excel. The service takes the pain of copying and pasting content to spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Booster allows you to directly import data from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, Alexa, Linkin, and Moz.

The company is currently in beta and signup is free for this time being.

Check out Spreadsheet Booster HERE

Good Audience – Get more followers

Good Audience helps you grow your audience to get more followers on platforms like Twitter. Good Audience will ask for your target keyword and then find people to follow in that niche. It also allow you to interact with tweets and respond. Analytics, content, and campaigns are also apart of Good Audience features. The site also has a daily goal of new followers you want to achieve.

Good Audience also has a pro version which include these features:
Connect all your social media accounts and optimize all of your profiles for consistent branding.

Daily notifications with quick approval of the actions you need to take. Set daily and weekly goals.

Deep analytics to see your biggest influencers, where they are located and demographics.

A mobile app that packs all the features for you on the go. Efficiently manage your social media accounts from anywhere.

Increase your fans and influence at Good Audience HERE

Birdees App – Sex Education for Parents to talk to kids about birds and bees

Birdees is an essential app and Ebook to help parents talk to about the birds and bees and much more. It helps parents talk about awkward subject matter than your children may have.

The app uses expert opinion and current scientific literature to provide the most accurate info.

The app is aimed for kids 2-8 and it adaptable to the parents set of values and beliefs.

Found more info on the Birdees App HERE