Man Crates – Deliver awesome gifts for men

Man Crates makes it easy to shop for guys with their curated crates of goodies for guys. The company has crates for the beer lover, retro gamer, sports fan, poker player, outdoors man, jerky fan and more. They ship the items directly to recipients door.

The crate will be filled with snacks, gadgets, gear and video games. The box comes in a wooden crate that includes a crowbar to open. Shop at Man Crates for gifts for your boyfriend, dad, brother and more. Check out the site HERE

Ride-On Carry-On

When traveling you want to travel light, so taking a stroller will add another thing to take with you when traveling. As shown on Shark Tank, Ride-On Carry-On solves the problem of transporting small children while traveling.

Ride-On Carry On attaches to your luggage, the Headrest doubles as a tray table, Folds flat and fits in the over head bin, Fits any carry on luggage 18-22″ tall. It is a safe and secure child seat that attaches to your luggage.

Buy it now through Amazon for $45.95 here

Visitor Watch Co. – The next great watch company

The first time I saw the Visitor Watch Co. Calligraph Duneshore, I thought I saw one of the best case designs ever created on Kickstarter. The watch has a unique design and luxury feel of a Panerai or Omega. Unlike the two mentioned companies, the Duneshore is currently available on Kickstarter for as little as $500 or two for $980.

Visitor Watch Co. is currently at $81,631 of it’s $85,000 goal. The company is likely to reach it’s goal with 23 days to go. If you are looking for a beautifully executed mechanical timepiece then look no further than the Duneshore by Visitor Watch Co.

Pledge to this campaign HERE

WorkInStartups – Perfect meeting point for startups and talent

Work in startups allows startups to post job openings at their company. Talented workers can signup and browse for jobs in the startup world. Work in startups is currently based in London with the U.S. and Canada coming soon.

At Work In Startups you can find jobs as an Intern, Co-Founder, Programmer, Manager, Tester, Sales and more. The company launched in summer of 2011, and many startups have used the service to find team members. Check out Work In Startups HERE

Delectable – Wine Scanner & Journal

Delectable is a free app that helps you know your wine. The app allows you to take a photo of a wine label and instantly get ratings and descriptions. You can also keep track of your favorite wines and share recommendations with friends.

See what’s trending and learn about wine from the top winemakers, sommeliers and win critics. You can even buy wines you love from your phone.

• Instant wine recognition: snap a photo and your phone identifies the wine’s name and winemaker in under 3 seconds.
• Wine profile: get reviews and tasting notes on any wine from the world’s leading wine community.
• Personal wine journal: add your own ratings and tasting notes to keep track of your favorite wines.
• Celebrate the moment: tag friends and locations to remember great times and great tastes.
• The world’s largest database of wines: search for any wine by winemaker, grape, vineyard and more.
• Learn from wine superstars: follow top sommeliers, winemakers and wine pros from Napa, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and other top wine regions.
• Buy wine right from your phone and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep! Might we suggest some silver oak cabernet ?

Check out Delectable HERE

Salary Fairy – Personalized salary predictions

Salary Fairy predicts your salary by crowdsourcing it’s members to predict your salary based on similar people in the field. You create a profile and login with LinkedIN. This will include your work, education, skills and location.

Salary Fairy has a community of members that signup using LinkedIN. This allows them to find similar people in your job field and location. Those members that are in the same location and field can predict your salary. The crowd and Salary Fairy algorithms will determine how much you should be earning. Now you can either ask for a raise or find a higher paid job through the FairPay program. Check out Salary Fairy HERE

Circumrent – Game changer for apartment renters

Circumrent is a better way to rent that benefits all. The service allows renters to post when they plan to move out of a residence. The renter will show the apartment to prospective new renters. The renter will get paid for moving out.

The new renter will be allowed to find apartments that become instantly available and see the place in advance before it becomes public. The new renter will avoid broker fees of 15% annual rent.
The owners of apartments will continue to have renters paying each month without an wait. The owners will have new renters before the rental unit becomes vacant. Check out Circumrent HERE

Sinch – Add calling and messaging to your app in minutes

Sinch SDK which is available for iOS and Android, allows you to add voice calling and instant messaging to your app in minutes. The SDK features the ability to call app to app, app to phone calling, instant messaging and SMS to your app. The service is free for the first 25,000 users and you pay as your business grows.

Sinch makes it simple by hosting everything in the cloud and is available 24/7. With Sinch you can use our existing UI for your app to offer customers a seamless experience. Check out Sinch HERE

Oweyaa – Online Marketplace to exchange a service for a service

The idea of Oweyaa is to do a favor for someone and then earn your own favor to be completed by someone else. You can earn 1 favor by just signing up to You can next earn favors by competing for a favor someone else needs. An example of a favor is to create a logo, advice, web design help, trip advise and everything in between.

Once you complete a favor for someone else, you will be credited with a favor and review & rated by the buyer. You can now use the favor to bid for services you need from other providers on Oweyaa. Check out Oweyaa HERE

Google Cloud Platform – $100,000 in credit and 24/7 support for eligible startups

Google is offering an awesome deal to startups that qualify. If you are a startup that is in an approved Accelerator, Incubator or VC fund, haven’t received previous Cloud platform credits, have less than $5 million in funding and less than $500,000 in annual revenue are eligible to receive $100,000 credit.

Google Cloud Platform is used by startups such as Snapchat, Leanplum, Getaround, Udacity and more. Check out Google Cloud Platform HERE