LibraryThing – Catalog your book collection and social network for book lovers

LibraryThing is a convenient way to catalog your book collection. The site also suggests the next read based on similar like books by people.

The Site is free for up to 200 books you can catalog. After that you pay $10 a year or $25 for lifetime membership.

LibraryThing is also a social network for book lovers. You can check out other people’s book libraries, swap reading suggestions, and get recommendations based on your collection.

Official Site HERE

Artlustr startup is your source of the world of art

Artlustr allows you to go to to digital events, discover new artists, browse real-world galleries, and grow your collection. The site is your gateway to all things art.

You can choose an art event that interests you and buy a piece of art while the event is taking place. Best of all you can checkout with Paypal and receive the art work in the mail within 2 weeks or pick it up.

Official Page HERE

Zenly – NYC apartment renting made easy

Zenly is an online marketplace for New York City Apartment rentals. The site offers listings of apartments with photos, walkthroughs, and video. You can schedule a visit of the apartment with just 1-click. And finally apply for the apartment without the need of a broker, saving you money on brokerage fees.

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Soylent is an interesting concept of food. The product is a food substitute that is intented to supply the daily amount of nutritional value the human body requires.

Soylent comes in a dry powder form along with an oil blend. You mix Soylent with water for each serving. The product requires no heating and has an extended shelf life. The product has approval from FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

The product is available on the site HERE

Zelda Wisdom – A dog inspires 50 million dollar startup

Zelda Wisdom is a start-up that features humor dog greeting cards, checks, posters, and more. The company recently been valued at an estimated $50 million dollars.

The start-up began when a women Carol Gardner got divorced as was depressed. The divorce attorney mentioned to go to a therapist or get a dog. Gardner got an English bulldog she named Zelda. A friend suggested Gardner enter Zelda into a local pet store Christmas card contest. She entered with a photo of the dog in a bathtub with a Santa hat and won 40 pounds of dog food for a year.

This gave Gardner the idea to create a humor greeting card business featuring her dog. The market for this idea was ripe for the taking. And Gardner with the help a PR person and photographer grew the business which has been featured on Oprah and deals in place with American Greeting is a success story.

Check out the start-up HERE

via Entrepreneur

PIXEL is a black and white printer for your smartphone

A simple idea for a small black and white printer that can be used with your smartphone. The Pixel was created by Ian Earle and Colin White classmates at Dalhousie University. The general idea is to make a portable printer than can print off your Smartphone pictures at a low cost. The Pixel only prints text and black and white photos for about half a cent for basic printout.

via The Chronicle Herald