CycleIO – Smarter way to send documents is here

CycleIO makes sending a document super easy. You do not have to download or save anything. You upload a document to CycleIO and the you will get a unique link to share the document. Once someone views the document CycleIO will provide stats of the document viewed.

The startup CycleIO helps sales pros shorten sales cycles by providing stats on presentations ad documents.

Official Site HERE

Rapper Nas invests in startup Koru

Seattle Base startup Koru just got a big boost in attention as rapper Nas invested at least $100,000 to the company. Koru is a startup that helps find jobs for recent grads.

Nas has already established a scholarship fund and picked two recent grads as recipients. In addition Nas will serve as coach to the student with his knowledge of business.

via Forbes

Tackk – Next Great startup for education

Tackk allows you to easily create a page with a few clicks of the mouse and share it online. You only have to sign up if you want to keep the page otherwise the page will expire after 7 days.

In education Tackk would be great for students and teachers to create and share pages on the web. Tackk is a great resource for teachers to post class announcement, students to show off their school projects, and so much more.

Website HERE

Patent trolls hit startups hard

Startups will have issues with patent trolls as they don’t have the treasure chest of money to battle litigation. Case in point here is a story of Life360 founder being hit with a patent license agreement from a company he has never heard of AGIS. AGIS apparently owns the patents for any app that shows a location marker on a map.

Life360 believes they are getting hosed by patent owners who are trying to leach off their success. Patents have been a big issue of late with recent litigation from giants Apple vs Samsung. But with so many patents it is impossible to startup a company and not infringe on some kind of patent which hurts innovation.

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Fancy Hands hires new CEO

Fancy Hands, a New York City company focused on remote personal assistant services has just hired a new CEO. Joshua Boltuch former founder of Amie Street, will take over duties from founder Ted Roden at Boltuch’s will manage Fancy Hands business operations and partnerships such as the recent Pepsi/Lipton deal, while founder Ted Roden focuses on building the product of Fancy Hands.

via TechCrunch – Personal Assistant Startup

Fancy Hands is a unique online personal assistant startup. The company will call stores to find an item, call for reservations, make appointments, and other things. The company does this at a flat rate as low as $25 for 5 request, $45 for 15 request, and $65 for 25 request.

FancyHands site HERE

Quitbit lighter

Quitbit is a smart lighter that tracks your smoking habits. Quitbit lighter is used to help you to stop smoking by getting an idea of how much your smoking and how you can quit gradually.

Product Page HERE

Twitter Buys Vine

Twitter just bought Vine a video clip company. Vine is a three man operation based out of New York. The company has not publicly launched and could still remain a stand alone product outside of Twitter. Vine takes video clips from Smartphones and stitches them together for a longer clip.

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