Fairwaves – Making mobile communications affordable

Startups looking to become a mobile operator in low-income areas can be helped by Fairwaves. The company is a telecom vendor, tailored to serve mobile operators in low-income areas. Fairwaves provides everything you need to build a mobile network.

Fairwaves uses VOIP protocols to connect calls and send SMS and thus it is also much easier to operate then a traditional GSM network. Fairwaves designs and manufactures it’s own equipment and startups need no expensive engineers or special skills to create their own mobile network. With a minimal initial budget, you could quickly roll-out your network and launch profit-generating services.

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EdTrips – Field Trips made easy

EdTrips makes field trips easy and drives more visitors to educational destinations by consolidating the booking and payment of trips among multiple locations and services.

EdTrips helps you search educational programs by subject, grade level and location. EdTrips handpicks venues to go on field trips with your students.

Educators can explore a trip by subject, grade and location. They can book a date for their next field trip and pay online. EdTrips is an easy way to plan a field trips for your students all online without the hassle.

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Smile Mom – Mom to Mom Community

Smile Mom connects mom with other moms in the area who have similar age kids. The app is great for new moms looking for a local support group.

Smile Mom has features like ask questions about parenting in real-time to local moms, buy/sell/trade baby items, and arrange meet-up and playdates. Smile Mom is an app to bring mothers together with the same goal of raises kids.

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WOO – Action Sport Motion Sensor

Woo Sports is an action sport motion sensor for kiteboarders. The device will track your jump height, airtime, and landing G-force. The device is waterproof, shockproof, Corrosion resistant, and uses bluetooth technology. The Woo app will provide all the data you need to become a better kiteboarder along with a leaderboards to track who stands out.

More details can be found HERE

Codestarter – Donate to fund kids learn to code

Codestarter idea is very simple and that is helping kids learn to code. They do this by getting $250 donated for a latpop for one child to learn to program. Codestarter wants to get underrepresented African Americans, Hispanics, and Women to pursue computer science professions.

Codestarter will start with this summer running a pilot program of 4 U.S.-based CoderDojos and expand worldwide in the fall.

The code kit includes an Acer Chromebook, pre-loaded with Linux and a variety of programming languages. Also included is a manual for getting started and working offline. Codestarter spends 100% of your donation to purchase laptops for kids, and the company will send you a receipt for a tax deduction.

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Pivot Freight – Discounted shipping rates in a simplified comparison engine

Pivot Freights allows you to manage all your shipping carrier accounts in one place. The company offers deeply discounted rate programs for LTL shippers.

Pivot also has a comparison engine which compare rate requests from different carriers in one place. Pivot includes your own rates with the ones Pivot offers. You can request all of your pickups through Pivot and track, manage, and analyze all or your shipments. It also automates input of addresses, product information and bill of lading generation.

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