New watch startup Belmoto draws inspiration from the era of race driving and motorcyling

Belmoto is the spin off brand from Dion McAsey, the founder of Magrette Timepieces. McAsey wanted to create a new brand that focuses on the era of race car driving and motorcyling. The same precision and craftsmanship from Magrette is transplanted to Belmoto. Belmoto first collection is the Track-Day & Tourer collection that features Mecha-Quartz Chronographs priced at $500 and the Automatic collection priced at $700.

The Belmoto Collection is rebirth of the modern gentleman. This is for the modern gentleman that has a passion for racing and fast cars. The watch features Automatic and Mecha-Quartz movements, Sapphire Crystal and custom and hand-stitched leather bands.

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Pakpod: The Stake-able, Packable, Riggable, Waterproof, All-Terrain Tripod. Stake Out Your Next Adventure.

Pakpod is the next generation tripod for Smartphones, GoPro, and SLRs. The Pakpod is slim enough to carry in your pack and versatile enough to work with your action camera. The Pakpod features spider-like capabilities and patent-pending staking design.

Three flip-out stakes combined with legs that lock into wildly asymmetrical positions means it attaches to rock walls, sailboat masts, bike handlebars, drones, jungle vines, car hoods, fences of all sorts, underneath kayaks, uneven driftwood, baby swings, boulders and more.


Lightweight: 15.5 oz
Length when folded: 12.75″
Waterproof and freezeproof
Patented, one-twist locking system
Legs rapidly extend and retract with the push of a button
Legs move independently through 180 degree of motion
Rotating feet stake into grass, dirt, sand and snow
36 tie-down points
MSRP $99

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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds – Stereo earbuds with a built-in biometric heart rate monitor

Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless earbuds is the first earbuds with built-in biometric heart rate monitor. The earbuds also feature Dolby Digital sound, real-time voice coaching, and a built-in ‘Jabra Sport Life’ app that plans, tracks and evaluates workouts.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are currently available for pre-order at and will be available at Best Buy retail stores and in late September.

Day Zero – Online community for setting challenges and meeting them

DayZero is a community of people who create list challenges and goals and post when they reach them. Similar to a bucket list, Day Zero is all about setting out a timeframe to do something and trying to achieve it.

DayZero is all about setting a time frame for a challenge. The challenge could be something you want to achieve in a year. The challenge could be something you want to reach before you turn 30. You can list things you want to do before going to college or things you want to do over the summer.

DayZero made a popular challenge of completing 101 things in 1001 days. The challenge was met with tens of thousands of people getting involved and sharing their list of goals. DayZero goal is to have people put a deadline to something they want to achieve otherwise you may never reach it.

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Balances – All your digital currency balances in one place

Balances helps you organize your digital currency in one place. Now you can have a way to view all your Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin balances and their total value.

Balances uses AES 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your balance information. In addition the service uses two-factor authentication. Balances uses public blockchain information to view your balances. And finally Balances will not sell your data to anyone.

Check out Balances HERE

FitBark – Because your dog health is just as important as your families

FitBark is a wearable activity monitor for your dogs. It monitors the dogs health and behavior and spits out the data to your smartphone. You can even share the info with your dogs vet or trainer. Similar to the Fuelband the app gives points for Play, Active, Rest, and then shows you a graph of how you and the dog are doing to get the dog healthy.

The FitBark is available for preorder at $69 before it goes on sale for retail price of $99.

You can preorder now at the site HERE

Quikly – Rewards those who act quickly on a special reward

Quikly rewards those who can act quickly and click on a link for a special reward from various brands. The site currently asks for an email for invite to the next Quikly deal.

Quikly is based out of Detroit, Michigan and began in early 2012. The company is back by investors Detroit Venture Partners, Ludlow Ventures, and Pennstro Ventures.

The mission of quickly is to Quikly deliver random released promotions which reward you for acting quicker than others.

Visit Quikly HERE

Loliware – Cup in the future will be edible?

Loliware is a Biodeg(edible) cup that you can eat.

Here is a description on the site.

LOLIWARE are biodegr(edible) cups designed to complement a variety of beverages. While you’re sipping your drink, you can even eat your cup, and any remnants can be composted. Sure to spark conversation in the hands of guests at parties and events, LOLIWARE’s artisanal flavor and unique texture enliven every occasion. Made entirely of vegan, biodegradable ingredients, LOLIWARE is a delicious alternative to ‘disposable’ cups destined for the landfill. Put down the plastic and enjoy the future of sustainability: 100% Biodegr(edible).

Product Page HERE