LeapBand Kids Fitness Tracker

The LeapFrog LeapBand fitness tracker for kids has challeges, games, quizzes, virtual pets and rewards. The LeapBand is geared towards kids and offer a more fun experience compared to adult fitness trackers.

The LeapBand costs a mere $40 and is for kids ages four to seven. The LeapBand will go on sale in August.

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GYMWATCH: Wearable Fitness Tracker

GYMWATCH is a new unique fitness tracker that can detect fitness exercises. It also can measure strength and motion metrics. The training data will measure every part of your fitness activity. The GYMWATCH is the next generation of fitness tracker.

GYMWATCH is currently getting funding through Indiegogo to launch in the near future.

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Rumor Samsung may unveil standalone Smartwatch as early as June

The current crop of SmartWatches you needed to pair with a phone but the new SmartWatch Samsung will unveil will allow you to make and receive calls without having to tether a mobile device.

Samsung is working with an unidentified US, Korean and European telecommunications carriers about a so-called “watch-phone” that is rumored to be unveiled between June or July of this year.

The proposed watch-phone will run on Samsung’s Tizen operating software and take photos, handle email, and monitor your heart rate.

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Fitbit and Pebble lead the wearable fitness bands and Smartwatch category

According to Canalys, Fitness owns nearly half of the global market on fitness brands while Pebble is ahead of Sony and Samsung in the Smart-watch category.

Jawbone also saw rapid growth with it’s UP24 fitness tracker by expanding to the international market.

Nike has decided to leave the hardware wearable market and focus solely on Fuel software for other wearable brands.

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Gravity Smart Bracelet

Gravity makes the do-it-all smart bracelet that has 15 different interchangeable modules. The Smart modular bracelet has endless possibilities for it’s use. The project has huge ambitions and if pulled off could put other wearables on notice.

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Google Glass causes headaches

Dr Eli Peli has told Betabeat that Google Glass can cause eye pain. This is due to Glass requiring the user to look off the side to the right eye. Your eye is not trained to look at the far off corner for so long that the eye becomes fatigued. Users have been reported getting headaches from wearing Google Glass. Peli says it’s not really a headache but eye muscles feeling discomfort. Peli says that after a week of use your eye will adjust to this and the pain will go away.

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