Classy – P2P Marketplace on college campuses

Classy is the new way for college students to buy or sell books, fashion, electronics and more on campus. Classy allows you to sell stuff you no longer need and sell it for some money. It is great for selling stuff at the end of the semester like a couch, furniture or text books. I heard a lot of students just throw away almost new items like furniture because they didn’t want to lug it back to their home. Classy may be the answer to help foster a marketplace for college students to buy and sell things they want to get rid of and make money in the process.

Classy requires users to sign in using their “.EDU” email address, and then verified by their Facebook account. Classy is currently available to students at Boston University, Babson College, Harvard University and Northeastern University. The app will become available to more colleges as it expands.

Check out Classy HERE

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