Ebay and Paypal issue

So here is what happen. I used a $50 Ebay Coupon code on an item. The seller failed to ship out item. So it was refunded. And I ended buying another item. Again the seller failed to ship out item. The $50 Ebay code can’t be used again because it maxed out. Even though I could not use it because of two Ebay sellers failure to ship out item.

Now to customer support
I call Ebay support and ask how they can fix this? They tell me not to worry that the $50 code will be refunded in a form of Paypal Cash.

So I wait for my last refund to clear with the $50 code. Wrong the Ebay Customer support lied it only refunded the amount minus the $50 code.

I called Paypal by phone and they told me the code would work again. Wrong when I got off the phone the code did not work.

I contacted Paypal by email on what the deal is. Paypal support confirms that Ebay Support lied to me. And since I waited for the refund thinking that the code would also be refunded the code expired.

Now Paypal is telling me to contact Ebay and Ebay support is telling me to contact Paypal. The two companies under the same umbrella seem to lack communication between the two companies. And worst they straight up lied to me several times.

UPDATE: Received call about issue and will update when this gets resolved.

Update 2: Receive $50 from Paypal regarding the issue so I feel this case is resolved.

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