Flashstarts – Startup Accelerator in Cleveland Ohio

Q: What is Flashstarts? A: We build startups from Flashstarts on Vimeo.

FlashStarts, Inc. is a startup accelerator that provides services for startup CEOs, venture capital firms, and accelerator and incubator programs. The company was founded in 2012.

Flashstarts offers a summer internship program that provides interns with real-world experience. The Interns will work in 10-12 startup teams participating in summer accelerator program. The paid internship has 20 spots available for summer 2014 for recent grads and experienced students.

FlashStarts has mentors to help the interns learn about entrepreneurship, social media, networking, startups and more.

Investors can invest for $25K for 8% equity into the startups created at the accelerator.

More info the the startup accelerator HERE

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