Gusto Email – The #1 email app for managing your digital life

Gusto Email simplifies the way you manage your emails, files, and photos, all in a single easy-to-use inbox. The email app supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Gusto makes it easy to handle your messages, your work, and your relationships, on the go. Gusto Email simply makes life easier for you to handle all your inboxes at once and become more productive on the go.

Gusto Allows you to Access:
●Camera Roll

Insightful Tips:
●View emails, files, and photos in 3 views: (Normal vertical list, Image rich tile format, Large expanded text view).
●Pinch to zoom and expand each item while in list view.
●Swipe any message in your inbox while in list view to reply, delete, flag, and more.
●Connect to Facebook, Instagram, and Camera Roll to view and share your photography side with friends.
●You are able to aggregate all of your emails to a single account view

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