InkFlu – Allows you to find Tattoo Artists, Showcase Tattoo artwork and plan your next custom tattoo

InkFlu is squarely aim at the tattoo industry to make life a whole lot easier for tattoo artists to make a living. The service allows artist to have digital consultation, schedule an appointment, sketch out the tattoo and then finally work on the tattoo. InkFlu also allows tattoo artist to create an online portfolio of their work to potential customers.

Those looking to get a new tattoo will find a directory of artists available to work on your next custom tattoo. InkFlu allows you to search for specialty of tattoo artist, location and cost. In addition the service allows you to send a design directly to the artist and the artist can send back a sketch along with a quote of the pricing of the custom tattoo. When the design is agreed upon you can book the appointment using the app.

Check out inkFlu HERE

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