KidCam – The Best Camera App for Kids

KidCam is a $2.99 iOS app that is geared towards kids. Kidcam is the best camera app for kids to take photos. The app is designed for kids and built for parents. It allows you to limit the number of photos and videos your kids can take. Once your kids hit that limit, the app will overwrite the previous photos. Kidcam has a separate library for only Kidcam photos & videos to keep separate from your own camera roll. You can manually save photos and videos or bulk delete them all.

KidCam is super easy for kids to take photos as they can tap anywhere on the Smartphone screen and take a photo. KidCam has monster overlays that allow kids to superimpose monster faces on it’s subjects. The shutter delay function prevents kids from tapping the screen too often so they don’t take too many photos.

Check out KidCam HERE

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