replacement batteries for all your gadgets and gizmos

I have been a gadget fan for a long time. And have a bag full of gadgets I use on a daily basis. I try to hold on to these gadgets for years but the first thing that happens is the battery goes dead. And me living in the mobile world need these mobile phones, laptops, and gear to just simply work.

My Dell Latitude D600 goes with me everywhere I travel. Initially battery life was great. But now the battery last 30 minutes max. So now I have to go out and get a new one. But this isn’t a simple task as going out and buying AAA batteries at the grocery store. Since new models of laptops are sold every couple of months and old notebooks discontinued. You can’t find these batteries readily at manufacture websites. Fortunately sites like provides many popular batteries for almost all major devices.

Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone

Mini cell phone features a sliding keypad and built in boombox for playing MP3 music files.

Product Features

  • Mini cell phone features a sliding keypad and built in boombox for playing MP3 music files
  • Quad-band unlocked GSM Phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS Speed for Data
  • Powerful Amplified Speakers
  • Sends SMS and MMS messages. Supports SMS group sending
  • Can play back MP3 music files and display Movie Files
  • Supports MP3 or MIDI based ringtones
  • WAP Browser
  • Built-In Speakerphone
  • Optionally reads the numbers of incoming calls with voice synthesis
  • Built in 256MB Memory expandable up to 4GB
  • Transfer files via USB

In the Box

  • Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone
  • Two Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Travel AC Charger
  • Wired Stereo Headset
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

Hardware Specifications

  • Phone Dimensions (Closed) 3.5″ x 1.3″ x .8″
  • Quad-band unlocked GSM Phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • GPRS Data
  • Powerful Amplified Dual Stereo Speakers
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS Camera/Camcorder Function
  • 1.5″ 65K Color TFT LCD Screen
  • Built-in MP3/MPEG4 Player Functions
  • SMS, MMS, WAP Support
  • 64 Polyphonic Sound
  • Expandable Micro SD card slot
  • Video Recording up to allowable memory space

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Toshiba Gigabeat® T400 Portable Media Player

I was a big fan of the Gigabeat S30. So if your looking for a nice affordable player then look no further than the Gigabeat T400. At $114.99 for the 4GB model. It is a great price and worthy mp3 player for those who don’t want to spend a fortune yet want a feature pack player.


Get the added plus in a Portable Media Player with the gigabeat® T400. The 4GB NAND Flash memory lets you load up on a variety of media that goes beyond proprietary tastes. With a 2.4-inch diagonal color LCD screen, one of the largest in its class, and long battery life1 of up to 16 hours for audio or five hours for video, the gigabeat T400 keeps your grooves and views coming throughout the day.

The gigabeat® T400 Portable Media Player provides easy to use navigation with the use of the PlusPad™ function for simple, easy in the palm of your hand functionality. In one or two clicks, you can enjoy your favorite music for hours. Windows OS users are ahead of the game as Windows Media® Player comes pre-installed so there’s no need to load software or worry about drivers. Store up to one thousand tracks in 128Kbps MP3 format or four thousand photo files2 on your gigabeat T400.


  • Stylish form factor – There’s a splash of color with three lines of trim in pink, orange, and onyx blue metallic on a black finish with ear buds and cables to match.
  • Large display – View photos in color and get a better user visual experience with a nicely designed 2.4-inch diagonal color LCD (QVGA) display, one of the largest in its class.
  • Simple to use – Navigate easily with the use of the PlusPad™ function.
  • No need for separate power cable and USB cable – The mini USB port allows you to transfer data as well as charge the gigabeat T400 at the same time.
  • Large storage area – 4GB of NAND Flash memory media to store your music files, photos and video that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Sharing photos is easy – Just sync up the gigabeat T400 Portable Media Player with Windows Media® Player and view your timeless memories on the gigabeat T400 color screen.
  • Long battery life – Up to 16 hours of battery life2 for audio or five hours of video continuous playback makes little interruption of your listening pleasure throughout the day.
  • High-end audio – Get the crisp sound quality you want with clear vocals found on other high-end players.

1. Estimated battery life when fully charged. Battery life and charge cycles will vary with use and settings.
2. Based on 4MB per track or 1MB per photo file.

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Crave’s first look at the new 30GB WIFI MP3 Player ibiza Rhapsody

(Credit: Jasmine France)

Cnet favorite MP3 reviewer Jasmine France got a chance to go hands on with the ibiza Rhapsody.

And for a first generation product Jasmine France gives it a positive overview.

“First, considering the lack of choice in this category at the moment, I’m digging that the ibiza Rhapsody is a hard drive player (flash models are impending) with a 30GB capacity.”

“And I’m keen on the way the ibiza handles album art: there’s a fullscreen, faded out image behind the thumbnail on the main playback screen (see photo below).”

“There’s support for MP3, WMA (DRM 10 included), WAV, AAC audio and MPEG4, WMV, M4V, AVI, H.264, MPG video. “

Read full first look article HERE

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Haier AOL Reappears as Ibiza Rhapsody PMP

Remember the AOL Haier? Well it’s back as the ibiza Rhapsody. It is equipped with an FM tuner, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0 and supports various video (MPEG4, WMV, M4V, AVI, H.264, MPG) and music (MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC) files. Also this is a WIFI enabled PMP that allows you to stream video and music.


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