Xbox 360 Price dropped

If you’ve been waiting for MS to announce a price drop for you get the Xbox 360. Then you have to wait no longer. The premium will drop $50($350), $30 off elite($450) and finally $20 off Core system($280). The prices will take effect on Wednesday.


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12 Can Vending Machine Fridge

Ever wanted your very own personal vending machine dispensing 12 cans of soda. For only $159.95 you can.


► Capacity – 12 cans – 3 cans per row
► Press the selector button to dispense the beverage of choice
► Transparent window shows dispensing in motion
► Cooling Temperature: 68 to 77° F below ambient temperature
► Automatic thermostatic cut off
► Operating voltage – 110v AC, 12v DC
► Available in Silver

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LG Smartphone Runs On Korea’s 4G WiMax Network

LG has released a phone today that runs on Korea’s 4G WiBro network.


The KC1 can reach near-broadband speeds over the WiMax network and, as such, features things like remote PC controlling and video conferencing. The phone surprisingly runs Windows Mobile 5 instead of Windows Mobile 6.

It also comes with a 2.8-inch touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, 512MB of built-in memory (expandable via microSD), and digital TV compatibility.


The phone is currently available in Korea only but rumored to be offered elsewhere in the future.


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Ultimate Ears 11 Pro Earphones Cost $1,150

You don’t see this often. A 1,000+ pair of earphones.


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The Custom UE 11 Pro is the most sophisticated professional monitor available – it’s the best we have ever created. It combines a quad armature speaker configuration with a three-way crossover – an industry first. The UE 11 Pro features a dual driver subwoofer that tightly and fully details the lows, a dedicated driver for the mid range that is dynamic and clean and a tweeter that produces crystal clear highs. The result is a total acoustic emersion that conveys every detail and emotional nuance to the listener.


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Microsoft to Release Free Version of Works with Ads

Microsoft is giving Google the works — Microsoft Works, that is. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that a version of Works — the barebones alternative to Microsoft Office that offers a word processor, calendar, and spreadsheet — would be available as a free, ad-supported product. Microsoft Works SE 9 is expected to debut in a few months.


Works currently retails for about $40, but often comes preinstalled on new PCs for free. The new program would also come preinstalled on PCs from yet-to-be-announced manufacturers, but would include ads.


That makes Works SE 9 different from Google Docs and Spreadsheets, which is delivered as an online solution Relevant Products/Services through a browser. Microsoft will make use of the Internet, though, to refresh the cache of ads within Works when users are online.


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Patriot Magnum PA1200 hits fast and hard

The Patriot Magnum PA1200 paintball gun is definitely a weapon any paintball team would like to have in their arsenal. The Magnum uses easy clean, bio-degradable water soluble paintballs (to be purchased separately) to help you hone your aiming skills without leaving a mess for mom and dad to clean up after. Each £19.95 purchase comes with a pair of safety goggles and a reusable wipe-clean target for practice purposes. Another great thing about the PA1200 is doing away with the need to use batteries or CO2 when prowling the fields, waiting to nail your opponent with a hail of bullet fire. All you need to do is pull back the loading level and push it back into position and you’re good to go. A fixed magazine on either side of the barrel holds up to 10 paintballs each.


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