Sideplayer – Watch Youtube all the time while browsing the web

I use Youtube daily to watch music videos, watch video product reviews, and the latest news. Sideplayer has made it easy to watch Youtube while browsing the web. Today most people multi-task on their computer and now you can watch Youtube while viewing Facebook, searching on Google, or just browsing the net. The Google Chrome extension adds Youtube to every page you visit.

Check out SidePlayer HERE

zTailors – On Demand Tailors created by Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer

George Zimmer the founder of Men’s Warehouse was ousted from his company and now is back with his own startup zTailors. The zTailors service is a website and app that allows you to book a tailor for a home or office visit. Master zTailors with at least 5 years of experience will tailor both men’s or women’s clothing and then delivery your perfectly fitted clothes with guaranteed fit.

Check out zTailors HERE

Eleven James – Luxury watch rental service

Eleven James is a rental service for luxury watches that you pay an annual fee. The luxury watches includes some of the very best brands such as A. Lange & Sohne, Audemars Piquet, Blancpain, Breitling, Cartier, Hublot, Omega, Patek Phillipe and almost every other luxury brand. The service also allows you to try the watch and then purchase the watch.

Eleven James is the perfect service for guys that want to try an expensive timepiece and possible purchase one in the future. Check out Eleven James HERE

Hoopla – Borrow streaming movies, TV & audio through your library card

Hoopla is a service that offers on-demand internet streaming media of movies, TV and audio. The service is free to the user while the local library pays a fee for the service. The service allows you to borrow audiobooks, movies, music and television online using your library card. A Hoopla app is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Check out Hoopla HERE

Slang – the ultimate sneaker marketplace, in your pocket

Slang is a mobile marketplace for selling your sneakers. The app allows you to buy, sell and browse sneakers on your iPhone. This marketplace is perfect for collectors looking to add or sell their collection of kicks.

List kicks on Slang, post anywhere sneakers are sold: Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, forums…anywhere on the internets.
· One listing to rule them all: anyone, on any device, can buy your kicks through your unique Slang sale link.
· Built-in shipping: we send insured shipping labels to your inbox instantly after you sell. No waiting at the post office.
· Our hyper-secure payment system will cash you out directly to your debit card.
· Buy sneakers with a swipe, pick your own shipping speed and receive instant tracking numbers for your packages.
· Deal confidently with legit buyers and sellers: everyone on Slang is verified by their social identities.

Wiggle – Selfie Music Videos made easy

Wiggle is a new app that helps you create your own selfie music video. The idea of the app is to make the process as easy as possible. The app allow you to select a song, Record takes while the music is playing and then save and share your new made music video.

– Record as many takes as you want
– Record in normal speed or in slo-mo
– Add filters to your takes
– Start recording at any point of the song
– Redo: simply record over your takes
– Timer: be ready when the action starts
– Beat-Magnet: to start recording right on the music beat
– Use front or back camera

Here are some examples of what can be done with the app.

skrlla – Free app that allows you to send $1 to charity instantly

Skrlla is a free app that allows you to send $1 to charity or receive $1 from friends. The fun app has two options of tapping hit or skrlla. The skrlla button will send $1 to a charity while the hit button will request $1 from a single friend or all your contacts with an optional message.

Skrlla is simple to setup as you create a secure Venmo account and have the ability to impact the community in a positive way.

Net On The Run – Unlimited Voice, Txt, 1GB 4G LTE Data on T-Mobile’s Network $25 per Month

With Google entering the wireless market and companies like Freedompop and Republic Wireless disrupting the market for cheap and free plans, a new entry is on the market from Net On The Run.

Net On The Run offers Unlimited Voice, Text, 1GB 4G LTE Data on T-Mobile’s Network (Valid for New Customers Only) for $25/month. The SIM card and fees are included in to the $25 per month fee. The service is using the T-Mobile network as the backbone of the service.


Unlimited Voice
Unlimited Text
1GB 4G LTE Data w/ Throttling

Check out Net On The Run HERE – Share your email without the spam is a service that converts your email address to a shareable link that you can use in your social media pages. Instead of showing your email address that will target spam, adds an additional level of protection.

Share your personal link and people looking to contact you will have to pass a simple test to reveal the email address. I am always uneasy about revealing my email address as I get a lot of spam and unsolicited emails. limits the amount of spam you get so you can read only the important emails.

Check out HERE