STEAMrolers – Marketplace focused on getting diverse groups hired in tech

STEAMrolers is a community for underrepresented people in tech. The idea is to get a more diverse group hired in tech no matter the race or gender.

STEAMrolers is all about discussion, networking, Q&A, feedback and great opportunities. Considering recent reports of lack of diversity in tech jobs, STEAMrolers is a great place to discuss the problem and offer solutions.

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Getaround – Rent cars from people nearby

Getaround is the new concept in car rental as you rent from people nearby. You signup for the service and verify your credit card and license. Then you have a choice of over 1000 vehicles from people from your neighborhood. The service offers hourly and daily rental rates.

All Getaround rentals include insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance. There is no membership fees and no annual fees. The service also allows people to put up their vehicle for rent. The service mentions that active members can make $10,000 per year per car. $1,000,000 primary insurance included.

The service is available in select cities with San Francisco having the best selection with exotic sports cars. You could possibly rent an Tesla Model S for $45/hour and a Audi R8 for $100/hour.

Check out the official Getaround site HERE

Check out the exotic cars available for rent HERE

Streak – Once-a-Day Trivia

Streak is a trivia game that works from your iOS lock screen or through the app. The app offers trivia questions every weekday AT 11am PT / 2pm ET. Join the game by swiping left at gametime. Then streak together correct answers to stay alive in the game. The longest streak of consecutive right answers wins! Play with friends and people around the world each weekday.

My 80’s TV

My 80’s TV as well as My 90’s TV and My 70’s TV allows you to relive your childhood watching cartoons, commercials, movies of the past. The site comes complete with a virtual tv that you would be watching your old shows on when you were younger. The site allows you to browse channels as you select content and year. The site is a great way to remember the good old days of television.

Check out the site HERE

Avantgarde Date Watch – The Rebirth Of An 80 Year Old Brand

After 80 years Avantgarde watch brand returns with force through Kickstarter. The company is resurrected after a long time away. Continuing its mission to create aesthetic Luxury Swiss timepieces, the Avantgarde Date is the first model in their new collection. Inspired by former Lebois & Co collections and using some of the aesthetics of that era, the Avantgarde Date is a modern 40mm timepiece in stainless steel and a Swiss mechanical automatic movement made by ETA.

The watch can be preorder for €995 shipped (about $1,113.49 USD) HERE

Gadget Hunt – Daily hunt for new gadgets

Gadget Hunt is a new site that finds the latest gadgets. The site is a community driven list of new products that are found by it’s users. Anyone can register with Twitter/Facebook account to contribute to the daily list of best gadgets.

Gadget Hunt also has a newsletter that will send you the best gadgets of the day straight to your inbox. Discover new gadgets at the new source for tech at Gadget Hunt HERE

oneminute – one magical moment

Oneminute is an app that was created during the Product Hunt hackathon back in October. With oneminute you get a daily notification and only get 1 minute to capture a ‘raw’ slice of your everyday life. In return you get to see a global feed of spontaneous moments.

Oneminute is about anonymously sharing our everyday life in the most care-free way. Tap on the notification. Within one minute, retake, or submit the photo. Shared photos are anonymous, so feel less conscious about taking beautiful, staged photos. Oneminute app allows you to give 3 likes instead of just one.

Check out the app here

Meerkat – Tweet Live Video

Meerkat is an iOS app that allows you to tweet live video to your followers. This could be very popular with celebrities, breaking news and internet personalities. Now you can have all your friends and Twitter followers see what your seeing and hearing on your smartphone in real time.

The app also has a LeaderBoard of trending users and and events around the world. Check out the site HERE

Download the app here

Fitsnack – Health Delivered

Fitsnack is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy snacks delivered to your door. The plans start at $24 with shipping included per month or $240 for 1 year.

The box is not filled with carrots or celery but rather things such as veggie chips, nuts, pancake mix, healthy chips, energy gummies, cookies, brownies, shake mix and more. The box also includes hidden workout challenges as healthy snacks are just one part of becoming a fitter you.

Fitsnack is for everyone from a mom to a teenager or a college student looking for a midnight snack while cramming for finals. Join the club now HERE

Man Crates – Deliver awesome gifts for men

Man Crates makes it easy to shop for guys with their curated crates of goodies for guys. The company has crates for the beer lover, retro gamer, sports fan, poker player, outdoors man, jerky fan and more. They ship the items directly to recipients door.

The crate will be filled with snacks, gadgets, gear and video games. The box comes in a wooden crate that includes a crowbar to open. Shop at Man Crates for gifts for your boyfriend, dad, brother and more. Check out the site HERE