Phosphor E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch with Stainless Steel Band Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

You’ve never seen a digital watch quite like this before.

Its ergonomic curved case with ultra-thin profile fit so comfortably on your wrist you may forget you are wearing it, but others won’t.

The digital display utilizes the revolutionary E Ink electronic paper display featuring its paper-like, high contrast readability that is sure to be noticed by others around you. A standard numeric digital display in one mode, a graphic hour clock display in another, and ability to switch between white-on-black to black-on-white time display give this digital watch a style all its own.

* Case width: 38.0mm
* Ultra thin thickness: 8.0mm
* Water resistance: 5 ATM – 50m
* Display: 12 hour only

I had a chance to review the Digital Calendar watch from Phosphor. And now I reviewed their other new model, the Phosphor Digital Hour watch. The main difference between the two is the Digital Calendar has a full Calendar on screen. While the Digital Hour has large typeset numbers.

Design: The Digital Hour is one model with 3 types of bands. The version I have is the stainless steel band which is the highest priced model at $195. It gives off a dressier look than the casual leather band and sporty Polyurethane band. The Digital Hour is a bit more minimalist with only two side buttons only slightly raised. The entire watch is sleek and forms nicely with the wrist. The Digital Hour is slightly smaller than the Digital Calendar watch. SO if you prefer larger watch the Digital Calendar may better suit you.

Function: The Digital Hour can be presented in either black or white background with the opposite black or white numbers by hitting the right side button. You can switch from just larger numbers to a discs that shows the hour with the minutes in numbers by clicking the left button. The large numbers would be great for those who have a hard time reading small type. Plus the E-Ink provides less eyestrain for older eyes. Overall perfect watch for telling time for all ages.

Conclusion: If you want an excellent gift for this holiday season then pick up the Digital Hour Watch by Phosphor. You won’t be disappointed by this unique watch that is sleek and original. It’s truly a futuristic watch with its E-Ink technology that must be seen to be appreciated. Only this watch is available today and will be a big hit for watch enthusiasts.

9.7 Out of 10

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