PhotoUp is a personalized photo editing solution for real estate photographers. The startup edits photos with a wide range of editing tools. The site comes with standard editing and premium editing options. The company aim is to help photographers business to grow by offering high quality photos in Real Estate homes.

Pricing starts at $300 which will allow you to photo edit about 8 homes a month.

Official Site HERE


  1. Devon Higgins

    Hey there! Just wanted to say thank you for the writeup about PhotoUp. I was curious, what is TechAvenge and what made you choose PhotoUp? Also, where did you find us or hear about us?

    Again, we appreciate the love and look forward to your feedback! 🙂

  2. nzomatrix

    Hi TechAvenge started as a tech blog and recently refocused as a blog covering startups and crowdfunding projects with a little tech on the side.

    I want to help promote local startups in West Michigan, being a fellow Michigander so I started browsing through Twitter for West Michigan based startups. I more than likely found your site through @startgarden Twitter page.

    K.C. Kim

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