Quikly – Rewards those who act quickly on a special reward

Quikly rewards those who can act quickly and click on a link for a special reward from various brands. The site currently asks for an email for invite to the next Quikly deal.

Quikly is based out of Detroit, Michigan and began in early 2012. The company is back by investors Detroit Venture Partners, Ludlow Ventures, and Pennstro Ventures.

The mission of quickly is to Quikly deliver random released promotions which reward you for acting quicker than others.

Visit Quikly HERE

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  1. Ajay Ohri

    I myself personally have a few problems, of which i will refer and give reference as well as text about this company’s policy’s, which to me seem very suspect.

    first. as a journalist you can appreciate the truth of an article or situation, and IF something needs looking into you may just dig that little bit deeper to uncover a truth that may not be so relevant and may be purposefully hidden.

    I am sure you know how quikly works, you opt in to receive an offer by text or sms, when you sign up you simply take three steps and done, seems simple, easy. The problem I have is that is just a front door to a huge backdoor problem, which seems to me to be a data mining and profit goldmine for quikly.

    let me refer to this page on quiklys own web site, the terms of service most people rarely and to their demise forgo reading.

    The parts people don’t read, are pretty bad and the quikly business is a bit misleading in exactly what they are doing.

    I digress, here is the terms of service. https://www.quikly.com/page/terms

    and the privacy policy her in. https://www.quikly.com/page/terms#privacy

    lets take a look and you might see and hopefully get the word out about whats really going on.

    Collection of Personal Information

    Certain Personal Information is required to obtain and maintain a Quikly account. This includes your full name, email address, and cell phone number. Other Personal Information may include, but is not limited to your user ID, password, gender, date of birth, postal address, college or university attended, brand preferences and “likes”, the names of your friends, and any profile information you choose to submit through our website or application, as well as (if applicable) your company name and contact information. Quikly or its payment provider may also collect credit, debit or other billing account information. You may choose not to provide certain Personal Information, but this may prevent you from receiving our services.

    (BUT they are only offering coupons or giveaways right, seems odd they would need all that information.)

    If you choose to use Quikly’s social networking function’s, we may collect your user ID and password information for that social networking site. We will do so only as necessary to make it easier for you to post to that site or to log in using your social networking credentials. By participating in this feature, you understand that you are authorizing us to use any other information, including Personal Information, on your social networking accounts. While we do not store social network passwords on our servers, we may store any other social network-related information that you authorize us to collect.

    (wait, they don’t store your password, BUT can access and store the rest of your social media information, friends list, phone numbers pictures? hmm seems suspect.)

    We will not share your Personal Information with third parties for their own direct marketing purposes unless you affirmatively agree to such disclosure – typically by agreeing to this Privacy Policy and thereby authorizing the sharing practices described herein, or by opting in to receive information from a third party through our website.

    (Ok they won’t share your information with third parties, hold on. unless you opt in for a deal. which means the only way they wont sell your information is to not be affiliated with them at all. kind of like if you don’t use us we will not sell your information, but if you do we will. what?)

    To prevent disclosure of your Personal Information for use in direct marketing by a third party for its own purposes, do not accept this Privacy Policy and do not opt in

    (Ah there it is, kinda wondered that.)

    Upon registration, you consent to receiving both email messages and SMS text messages. By inserting a cell phone number and clicking “verify” (or other comparable language), you are giving Quikly your express written consent to be contacted. Additionally, you understands that the action of providing a cell phone number and clicking “verify” constitutes an “electronic signature” and that an “electronic signature” carries with it the same legal authority of a formal signature. In other words, the opt-in process is the same as signing an agreement with Quikly. Furthermore, you understand that the messages Quikly sends are typically “informational only,” (i.e.: their purpose is to inform you of important campaign related notices); however, you also give express consent to receive marketing messages.

    (wait, so it’s a binding contract, I got that. you also sign up for marketing messages, um ok. and seeing how before they said they sell your information to third parties because you opted in, wonder what kind of messages to expect. hmm.)

    Quikly will only use your Personal Information in the way we specified when it was collected and as described in this Privacy Policy. Quikly uses your Personal Information in running Quikly campaigns; setting up your account; improving online operations; processing transactions (i.e. any credit, debit or other billing account information collected from you will only be used to process transactions requested by you); sending SMS text messages to your cell phone to inform you about Quikly campaigns; providing customer service; providing you with newsletters, RSS feeds, and/or other communications or services which you have signed up for or otherwise agreed to receive (i.e. messages about special offers); displaying content that is customized to your interests or preferences (i.e. we may target you with select custom ads, messages and offers, basing our selections on information, such as brand preferences, that you provided to Quikly when you registered)

    (this is a big one, basically by signing up, we established that you opted into third parties sales of your information, and now hidden in this little gem, is the we will sell your information to target ads to you, so they are selling the information they gained from legitimate company’s customers, who didn’t take the time to read the terms of service to third parties company’s for their own profit, seems very suspect. So legitimate company’s are paying them to get their brand out there, while they collect information from the legitimate company’s customers, to sell them ads from other third parties customers. oh my. it’s a definite win, win, for them, unfortunately it’s a loose, loose for the company’s and the company’s customers.) I have to wonder if company’s are aware that this company wants it’s customers so they can sell their info and target ads to them for their own profit.

    (are you kind of getting a feel for whats really going on here with quikly. very bad business practices and sneaky backdoor tactics.)

    (so here some more. )

    Please note that when you choose to post messages and/or profile content on messages boards and other online forums that we may make available on our website, such content is view able by third parties and, in the case of public online forums and your public profile, is publicly view able. Accordingly, you should exercise discretion with regard to what Personal Information you post on our website and should not post highly confidential or sensitive information. Quikly is not responsible for how third parties who view your Personal Information may use this information (such as to send you unsolicited messages).

    (kind of sounds like, OK you agree for us to give up and or sell your information to third parties company’s, but we cant say whom might send you offers cause, well. not our fault. even if it was us who posted your comment and or data to somewhere else.)

    (this whole thing is just purely amazing and so scandalous, I can’t believe no one has stepped up yet and did a right proper review and let people know whats going on. seems everything gets sugar coated and made to seem like it is ok when in reality, that is far from the truth.)

    go ahead poke around you might just be amazed and as shocked as I was.

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