Revocharge Magnetic Snap-On Wireless Charging System

Revocharge is a magnetic snap-on charger for iPhone & Android. The charging system allows you to charge wirelessly using its phone case and battery. In addition you can get a sync & charge dock, car charger mount and an arm band.

Revocharge phone cases comes with a ultra-thin 2000mAh battery that attaches to the case and charges your phone wirelessly. The magnetic battery contains a micro USB input, allowing you to charge both the battery, and your phone, simultaneously, while syncing data such as music and apps. Once the phone is fully charged you can remove the battery and recharge it. Revocharge is better than any previous wireless charging system solution as others were slow to charge the device.

The Revocharge features include:

Autosense technology optimizes the charge for any smartphone, boosting efficiency
Uses straight pin-to-pin connections and conductive charging, making the process fast and efficient
You can attach your phone to a variety of mounting systems – car, desk, armband, or belt clip
Has a Turbo Jet cover to plugin your headphones
A Desk Mount compatible with iOS, Android and Windows systems, provides two USB outputs to charge additional devices

Revocharge is now looking for funding on Kickstarter with $4,396 of it’s $15,000 ulitmate goal with 43 days left to go. Pledge now this project HERE

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