Smokio – Smart eCig

Smokio is the first connected eCig. The Smokio eCig uses a smartphone app to capture your vitals info on smoking. The app will tell you how much nicotine your body has and tracks your smoking habits while helping you cut down on the habit.

The app also shows you the potential increase in life expectancy when using eCigs compared to real cigarettes. The Smokio kit includes a rechargeable battery, one clearomizer, and a USB charger. The Smokio Smart eCig is available now for $99.90 for the classic or $94.90 for the Mini Kit.

Founded in August 2013, Smokio the Paris-based company has developed the first connected- e-cigarette that synchornizes automatically with your smartphone and monitors your nicotine habit.

Check out Smokio HERE

Download at Android App Store HERE

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