Tour – Automatic Mileage Log App

Tour App is a new app for iPhone that tracks mileage. Tour App uses GPS to track mileage with automatic detection of when you are on foot and when you are driving. An automatic mileage logger is much better than jotting down mileage or using a manual mileage app. Tour app takes mileage logging to the next level by offer a simple and automatic way to log mileage.

The app is simple to use as you just activate Tour when you take off in the morning and stop it again the evening you get home. Tour uses state-of-the-art algorithms to know when you are on foot or going by car and knows when you stop somewhere. The app distinguishes between different events, and enables you to select places from Foursquare to locations you visited. You can create your own categories and classify your trips as work-related, persona, drives home and more. Tour provides statistics of a breakdown of all your miles compiled by year, month, week and category. You can export the data to Excel or as CSVs for further analysis. The combination of Tour and our main product timr makes Tour a tax-office compliant mileage log.

With Tour, mileage tracking becomes easy, automatic and social:
– Offers a very slick user interface.
– Places no longer have to be selected manually, rather they can simply be selected from Foursquare.
– Senses whether you’re on foot or going by car and automatically tracks your drives.
– Enables journeys to be shared with friends through social networks
– Brings ‘self-tracking’ into the car.

-Automatic tracking of journeys via GPS
-Manual registration of journeys
-Categorization of journeys (business/ private/ commute/…)
-Places can be saved
-Selection of places through Foursquare
-File exporting (Excel, CSV)

Tour is a product made by troii Software GmbH. We are an Austrian Software Startup. Check out Tour app HERE

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