uBeam – Wireless Electricity

Meredith Perry CEO of uBeam, has created a unique wireless charging solution. The uBeam converts electricity to sound and sends it through the air over ultrasound waves. Then it is reconverts it back to electricity using a receiver. The tech is being billed as Wi-Fi for energy.

Perry has demonstrated a concept prototype of uBeam and investors appear to be impressed. The company has big time investors in Marissa Mayer, Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz. The company also has filed 18 patents related to wireless charging and ultrasound technology to the patent office.

The uBeam wireless charger will charge up your smartphones, laptops, and portable electronics without any cords. The technical specs will be kept secret until the product launches at a future date.

Consumers have been waiting for wireless charging to become a reality and uBeam is close to making it happen. Check out uBeam HERE

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