Zelda Wisdom – A dog inspires 50 million dollar startup

Zelda Wisdom is a start-up that features humor dog greeting cards, checks, posters, and more. The company recently been valued at an estimated $50 million dollars.

The start-up began when a women Carol Gardner got divorced as was depressed. The divorce attorney mentioned to go to a therapist or get a dog. Gardner got an English bulldog she named Zelda. A friend suggested Gardner enter Zelda into a local pet store Christmas card contest. She entered with a photo of the dog in a bathtub with a Santa hat and won 40 pounds of dog food for a year.

This gave Gardner the idea to create a humor greeting card business featuring her dog. The market for this idea was ripe for the taking. And Gardner with the help a PR person and photographer grew the business which has been featured on Oprah and deals in place with American Greeting is a success story.

Check out the start-up HERE

via Entrepreneur

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