ZuneOne Silicone, Crystal, and Travel Case Review


Intro: I have been meaning to get a Microsoft Zune since it was announce but for some reason I didn’t. But when an opportunity to get a Zune at only $100 I purchased it instantly. It took about a week to receive from Woot. Now that I have it, I needed to protect it. First I receive a FREE screen protector from ZuneOne(Details here). And then asked to review three of their cases.

ZuneOne Crystal Case Yellow: The Crystal Case I like the design and looks of it. It’s probably the best looking of the cases. However it functions a bit stiff. The case is a bit hard to open. And the plastic is of okay quality. It does work fairly well inside the case. And the see through plastic shows off the Zune nicely. 7.0 out of 10 Product page here

ZuneOne Silicone Case Clear: The silicone case probably feels the best of all the cases and is form fitting. It’s the closest to feeling like it doesn’t have a case on it at all. Almost like a second skin on the player. 8.5 out of 10 Product page here

Zune Travel Case 30/80: This case is my top pick. It provides the best amount of protection from falls, dust, and lasting durability. I have no doubt that these cases can lasts for years. And keeping the Zune in pristine condition. Also this case has room for earphones and cables. It’s all around the best case for the Zune. Only main negative is you can’t use the Zune while in the case unlike the others. 9.5 out 10 Product page here

Conclusion: Each case appeals to different users. The Crystal the best looking, the Silicone the most usable, and the Travel Case the most durable. I would recommend getting any one of these cases. But if I had to pick one I would go with the Zune Travel Case.

The prices of the cases can’t be beat and costs half of what other sellers are selling. Why buy a $30 case when you can buy two of these instead. So if your looking for a case or maybe two for your Zune, look no further than the ZuneOne line of cases.

Check out their online store here for other great products.

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